Several Ways in Which You Will Benefit Financially from Styrofoam Insulated Roof Panels

Styrofoam insulated roof panelsInsulated roof panels are some of the most sophisticated building materials available today. Deceptively simple in both concept and construction they offer high-quality insulation, ease of installation, lightweight construction and legendary durability. Insulated roof panels can make the difference between a comfortable home environment and one where sweaters and heavy wool socks are required indoors for months at a time. But that’s not all. Styrofoam insulated roof panels:

  • Are easy to install, requiring the services of fewer expensive tradesmen.
  • Provide air tight seal against the cold and shut down the chimney effect.
  • Resist infiltration by insects and other unwanted guests.
  • Will never need to be replaced during your lifetime.

Financial Advantages of Styrofoam Insulated Roof Panels

Insulated roof panels and their cousins, insulated wall panels, have taken the construction industry by storm forcing older companies to adapt and newer companies to prove their mettle when it comes to the manufacturing and installation of these breakthrough products. As with most progress their success is driven in large part by their financial viability. On the homeowner’s side of the equation that financial viability takes several forms including:

  • Reduced heating bills – Once 40% of your heat stops leaking out through your poorly insulated roof you’ll see immediate and substantial reductions in the cost of heating your home. And while it’s true that home heating costs are lower at the moment you can bet your bottom dollar they aren’t going to stay that way for very much longer. Once they do begin their inevitable rise once again, you’ll be prepared.
  • Reduced air conditioning costs – A properly sealed roof not only means less heat escaping in the winter but less heat intruding during the summer. The cumulative effect of heat rising through the home and radiating through the roof in the summertime can turn your upper floors into a virtual sauna that will put enormous strain on your home’s air conditioning system and cost you money. Insulated roof panels will put an end to that waste.
  • Save on installation – Building a new roof in the traditional manner calls for the involvement of several different building trades working for weeks and sometimes months at a time. By contrast creating a new roof using styrofoam insulated roofing panels can be done, start to finish, by a single crew over the course of a weekend or two.
  • Save on maintenance – Shingled roofs typically need to be replaced every 10-15 years. They may also need to be remade following a severe weather event or if you’re thinking of putting your home on the market. Styrofoam insulated panels by contrast, will last a lifetime and won’t require any regular or costly maintenance in order to do so.

Styrofoam insulated roof panels from Eco-Insulated Panel Manufacturing are the fast, easy, affordable way to keep your home looking great while also reducing your carbon footprint and helping to leave a better world for the kids. If you’ve decided it’s time to remake your roof give us a call and learn more about how this simple but revolutionary product can benefit you.