Common Mistakes Made When Buying Structurally Insulated Roof Panels

structurally insulated roof panels in CanadaA structurally insulated roof panel is a panel composed of two layers of metal or another rigid material sandwiching a thick layer of rigid insulation. Structural insulated roof panels serve a variety of functions simultaneously and eliminate the need for having several different trades involved in your building project. Simplicity aside people still make mistakes when purchasing structurally insulated roof panels (SIRP) and in this post we’ll look at a few of those mistakes.

Structurally Insulated Roof Panels Canada: The Devil’s in the Details

Here are 5 of the most common mistakes people make when buying structurally insulated roof panels in Canada for their home or business.

  • Not making sure the fasteners are compatible – Using the wrong type of fastener can and will lead to the SIRP coming loose and/or a negative reaction between incompatible metal types in the fastener and roof panel. It’s crucial to make sure you’ve got the right type of fastener and that you don’t simply grab the first thing that looks good.
  • Failing to specify a colour – In some cases the solar heat absorbed by the outer layer on the SIRP may be significant enough – and the temperature difference between it and the inner layer great enough – that stress can come to bear on the panel as a whole. The situation can be exacerbated by using the wrong colour on the outer layer; one that absorbs heat rather than reflecting it. Make sure you specify the colour early on in the process.
  • Ignoring the manufacturer’s joinery guidelines – In order for structurally insulated roof panels to do their job as an effective air and water barrier as well as insulator the quality of the joinery is critical. Some manufacturers use proprietary joinery systems that can be quite detailed. Ignoring the manufacturer’s joinery guidelines and purchasing any old sealant or gaskets for instance will likely result in joint failure and worse.
  • Failing to account for expansion/contraction – The nature of their construction means SIRPs can be more susceptible to expansion and contraction than other construction materials like masonry or wood. This movement must be accounted for in the overall design and will influence the size of the panels and the joints between them. Failure to do so could again lead to failure of the panel system as a whole.
  • Buying SIRPs with an insufficient R-value – Since SIRPs can be up to 90% more airtight than conventional roofing techniques and materials their ability to insulate is sometimes overestimated and customers will wind up with panels with an inadequate R-value. Make sure you consult closely with the manufacturer to determine the proper R-value for your panels before purchasing.

Structurally insulated roof panels are revolutionizing the construction trades in Canada. But the fact that they seem so straightforward and simple often masks important considerations that should not be taken for granted or forgotten when purchasing SIRPs for your home or business. Talk to the insulated roof panel experts at Eco-Insulated Panel Manufacturing to learn more about structurally insulated roof panels in Canada.

Fiber Insulated Roof Panels and Why the Roof is the Main Risk to Energy Loss

fiber insulated roof panels As much as 40% of your heating costs are associated in one way or another with your roof. This is due to the basic scientific fact that heat rises and so much of the heat you generate to warm the lower floors eventually winds up rising to and escaping through your roof. The rising of heat within the home creates a sort of chimney effect which draws more cold air into the house. The more heat that’s lost through the roof the more cold air gets pulled into the house, the more you’ll have to spend heating that cold air.

Fiber Insulated Roof Panels and Why You Want a Properly Insulated Roof

  • The problem – It’s estimated that as many as ¾ of all buildings, whether homes or commercial establishments, have insufficient insulation in the roof. With so many roofs poorly insulated it may seem that the subject of roof insulation is simply too complex for most builders to fathom. But in reality most roofs are poorly insulated because it’s cheaper to build them that way. The need for proper insulation is actually pretty easy to understand.
  • Wintertime insulation – As we mentioned much of the heat you pay so dearly for rises up through your house and escapes through your roof. As it does in sucks in cold air on the lower floors to take its place; cold air that you then have to heat up before it too winds up escaping through the roof. It’s a vicious, expensive cycle. Installing fiber insulated roof panels will bring much of this heat loss to an abrupt end.
  • Summertime insulation – If you have an attic in your home you know how hot they can get in the summertime. This is due to poor insulation in the roof. As the attic heats up the ceiling of the floor below heats up causing the room to heat up causing the air conditioning system to have to work harder. Installing insulated roof panels will prevent the upper reaches of your home from becoming heat engines that tax your air conditioning system.
  • Don’t stop with the roof – If you’re serious about preventing heat loss through the roof you’ll want to make sure the entire attic is properly insulated – that’s floor, walls, everything – and that the windows in the attic are new, double-pane and sealed up tight to prevent heat escaping through and around them as well. With the 1-2 punch of a properly insulated roof and attic you’ll be shutting down the chimney effect for good.

Insulated roof panels will provide you with the highest degree of air tight insulation you can achieve through normal construction methods. Once your roof is properly sealed and insulated against the elements you’ll begin to see drastic reductions in your monthly energy bills and a drastic increase in the overall comfort of your home.

For top quality fiber insulated roof panels contact Eco-Insulation Panel Manufacturing. We’re leading the way in the adoption of this remarkable, breakthrough construction technique and we can help turn your London property into a paragon of energy efficiency.

Several Ways in Which You Will Benefit Financially from Styrofoam Insulated Roof Panels

Styrofoam insulated roof panelsInsulated roof panels are some of the most sophisticated building materials available today. Deceptively simple in both concept and construction they offer high-quality insulation, ease of installation, lightweight construction and legendary durability. Insulated roof panels can make the difference between a comfortable home environment and one where sweaters and heavy wool socks are required indoors for months at a time. But that’s not all. Styrofoam insulated roof panels:

  • Are easy to install, requiring the services of fewer expensive tradesmen.
  • Provide air tight seal against the cold and shut down the chimney effect.
  • Resist infiltration by insects and other unwanted guests.
  • Will never need to be replaced during your lifetime.

Financial Advantages of Styrofoam Insulated Roof Panels

Insulated roof panels and their cousins, insulated wall panels, have taken the construction industry by storm forcing older companies to adapt and newer companies to prove their mettle when it comes to the manufacturing and installation of these breakthrough products. As with most progress their success is driven in large part by their financial viability. On the homeowner’s side of the equation that financial viability takes several forms including:

  • Reduced heating bills – Once 40% of your heat stops leaking out through your poorly insulated roof you’ll see immediate and substantial reductions in the cost of heating your home. And while it’s true that home heating costs are lower at the moment you can bet your bottom dollar they aren’t going to stay that way for very much longer. Once they do begin their inevitable rise once again, you’ll be prepared.
  • Reduced air conditioning costs – A properly sealed roof not only means less heat escaping in the winter but less heat intruding during the summer. The cumulative effect of heat rising through the home and radiating through the roof in the summertime can turn your upper floors into a virtual sauna that will put enormous strain on your home’s air conditioning system and cost you money. Insulated roof panels will put an end to that waste.
  • Save on installation – Building a new roof in the traditional manner calls for the involvement of several different building trades working for weeks and sometimes months at a time. By contrast creating a new roof using styrofoam insulated roofing panels can be done, start to finish, by a single crew over the course of a weekend or two.
  • Save on maintenance – Shingled roofs typically need to be replaced every 10-15 years. They may also need to be remade following a severe weather event or if you’re thinking of putting your home on the market. Styrofoam insulated panels by contrast, will last a lifetime and won’t require any regular or costly maintenance in order to do so.

Styrofoam insulated roof panels from Eco-Insulated Panel Manufacturing are the fast, easy, affordable way to keep your home looking great while also reducing your carbon footprint and helping to leave a better world for the kids. If you’ve decided it’s time to remake your roof give us a call and learn more about how this simple but revolutionary product can benefit you.

Would Structurally Insulated Roof Panels Be Suitable for Your Home?

If you are building a new home, it is definitely worth doing some research on structural insulated panels (SIPs) to see if they would be a good choice of roofing material. If your home was built many years ago and the roof is beginning to show its age, SIPs are also worth considering as a replacement for the existing tiles or shingles. Many homeowners avoid using metal roof panels because they assume that they would look too “industrial” but with the choice of colours and finishes available today, this is simply not the case.

Why Structurally Insulated Roof Panels in Canada Are Becoming More Popular.

Insulated metal roof panels have been around for decades, but recently they have become considerably more popular with owners of domestic properties across Canada. There are a number of reasons why, and a read through the most commonly cited should help you to decide whether structurally insulated roof panels are suitable for your roof or not.

  1. Longevity – High quality steel roofing panels can literally last a lifetime, making them a great choice for those who would rather spend their money on other things other than home maintenance.
  2. Aesthetics – Modern structurally insulated roof panels in Canada are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, along with profiles and trims that can be used to enhance their visual appeal. If you have been holding back from using metal panels on your roof because of aesthetic concerns, now would be a good time to check out the range of structurally insulated roof panels currently available in Canada.
  3. Long-Term Cost Benefits – Although insulated metal panels are far from the cheapest option as far as domestic roofing materials are concerned, their durability makes them one of the most cost effective options when considered in the long term. Unlike clay tiles, asphalt shingles or wood, high quality steel with integral insulation will not deteriorate appreciably over the years.
  4. Insulating Properties – Airtight joins and highly efficient insulation material makes structurally insulated roof panels very effective at keeping heat in during the winter and keeping it out during the summer.

To summarise: if you are looking for a high quality roofing material that looks good, will last for many decades, is inexpensive and easy to maintain, and will help you to save on your utility bills, structurally insulated roof panels in Canada should be at the top of your list. Please contact us at 1-855-838-9393 or

Why You Should Strongly Consider Investing in Insulated Metal Wall Panels

Whatever type of building you own or are in the process of erecting or renovating, it is well worth taking some time out to investigate the possibility of using insulated metal panels in the construction of the walls. Our panels have a number of advantages over more conventional building materials, which make them an excellent choice for both commercial and residential buildings. If you have never considered them before, take a look at the following list, which contains a number of important reasons why more contractors and builders in all regions of Canada are choosing to use insulated metal wall panels.

The Advantages of Insulated Metal Wall Panels in Canada

Investing in this type of panel for your walls will bring a number of benefits, some more obvious than others.

  1. Acoustic Insulation – One of the less obvious benefits of installing insulated metal wall panels is their acoustic insulation properties. If you would like to hear less of what is going on outside, wall panels with mineral fiber insulation are an excellent choice.
  2. Thermal Insulation – Metal panels with both mineral fiber and EPS insulation create a highly effective thermal barrier when used in the construction of walls. For reasons of comfort and economy, this makes them an excellent choice in regions of Canada that are subject to extremes of temperature throughout the course of the year.
  3. Safety – When you choose insulated metal wall panels in Canada that feature mineral fiber insulation, you will be ensuring that your walls are fire resistant. Such panels can withstand temperatures as high as 2,150 ˚F, making them a highly effective barrier in the event of fire.
  4. Ease of Maintenance – The fact that each panel and its insulation form a single component makes them much easier to maintain than walls with separate insulating materials and exterior panels. This is an important benefit, especially for owners of large commercial buildings.

If you need any further reasons to invest in insulated metal wall panels in Canada, consider the fact that they are cheaper and easier to install than most alternatives. If you are in the process of designing or renovating a building and would like to save both time and money on construction costs, as well as make energy savings for the future, call today to request a quotation for our insulated metal wall panels.1-855-838-9393 or

What You Need to Know About Insulated Metal Wall Panels

For those that have never really thought about the possibility of constructing buildings using metal wall panels with integral insulation before, we have put together this short article. In it, we will take a quick look at the most important facts to bear in mind when specifying such panels in the design of commercial or residential buildings across Canada. By the end of the article, we hope that you will be in a better position to make an informed decision as to whether these panels are right for your building.

Key Facts Concerning Insulated Metal Wall Panels in Canada

To save you time searching online for relevant information, we have distilled the main facts into a short, concise list.

  • Easy to Install and Maintain – One of the key benefits of single-component, insulated metal panels for walls is the fact that they can be installed and maintained more easily than their dual-component counterparts. Because the metal panel and the insulating material are fabricated into a single component at our factory before being delivered to site, there is significantly less installation work to do once they arrive. They are also much easier to maintain as well.
  • Environmentally FriendlyInsulated metal wall panels in Canada are kinder to the environment for a couple of reasons. First, the materials from which they are manufactured are completely recyclable and second, they help to make the buildings in which they are used more energy efficient. This energy efficiency is of course mainly due to the EPS and mineral fiber insulation that they feature but is also helped by the water and airtight nature of the groove joints between individual panels.
  • Stand the Test of Time – The mineral fiber used in insulated metal wall panels manufactured in Canada is resistant to mold, rot and bacteria. The EPS insulation that is used in our panels are also resistant to bacteria and will not decay. If you are looking for wall panels that will withstand the ravages of time, either type is well worth considering.

The insulated metal wall panels in Canada that we manufacture are among the very best you will find anywhere in the world. We look forward to answer any questions you may about our panels and welcome the opportunity to provide a quotation. 1-855-838-9393 or

The Not So Obvious Benefits of EPS Insulated Wall Panels

You may have read about the advantages that EPS insulated wall panels have to offer, in both residential and commercial settings. However, you might not be aware of the benefits that these panels are known for, as some are not quite as obvious as others. For the information on these less obvious benefits, we have collected a few of these lesser known facts.

What You Might Not Know about EPS Insulated Wall Panels

Whether you have already decided to use these panels in the construction of a new or renovated building or you are still pondering which materials to specify, the facts below are sure to be of interest.

  • Boost Your Environmental Credentials – The EPS insulated wall panels that we manufacture for exterior walls are made using steel that is 100% recyclable. Additionally, 30% of this steel is reclaimed from products that have already been recycled, making them a great option for businesses who are looking to boost their environmental credentials by reducing their carbon footprint. They can make a valuable contribution to LEED credits as well as Net-Zero Energy targets, both of which are becoming increasingly important to companies across the globe.
  • Available in many Different Designs – In the past, EPS insulated wall panels have, rightly or wrongly, been considered as a rather utilitarian option when specifying materials for buildings. However, the range of colours and finishes in which they are available today makes them appropriate for a wide variety of developments, both commercial and residential, where visual appeal is also an important factor.
  • Moisture Resistant – Mold is one of the biggest problems faced by property owners in areas of the country that experience substantial rainfall and high humidity on an annual basis, a fact that the designers of our insulated panels have not neglected. The closed cell insulation that is a feature of these panels ensures that they are resistant to moisture and therefore to mold, mildew and fungus.

The many benefits, both obvious and not so obvious, that EPS insulated wall panels boast have helped to make them one of the most popular materials for new and existing buildings across the country. If you would like to use our panels in your development, please contact to request detailed specifications and a competitive quotation. 1-855-838-9393 or

Some of the Main Questions about Extruded Polystyrene (EPS) Insulated Roof Panels

If you have never lived or worked in a building with a roof that was constructed from panels featuring integral EPS insulation, you may have a few questions that you would like to ask before you consider using them for a building project of your own. Whilst we always welcome callers with questions about any of our products, you might like to read the following list before you get in touch, to see whether your questions have already been answered.

Popular Questions We Are Asked about EPS Insulated Roof Panels

Listed are some of the most commonly asked by our customers from all regions of the country:

  • Are They Strong? – The lightweight nature of insulated metal roofing panels causes some people to wonder whether they are truly strong enough to withstand everything the elements may throw at them. Thanks to the high quality materials used in their manufacture and the airtight nature of the joins in between separate panels, they are extremely strong and stable.
  • Will They Really Save Me Money? – The answer to this question will of course depend on the alternatives you are considering but in almost all cases, it will be a resounding yes. The energy efficiency, durability and ease of maintenance that EPS insulated roof panels have to offer make them one of the most economical choices available.
  • Are They Approved By the Relevant Authorities? – Our panels meet all applicable building codes so there is no need to worry that using them on your home or commercial property will cause any issues in this respect.
  • Will They Deteriorate Over Time? – The EPS insulated roof panels that we manufacture are resistant to bacteria and will not decay over the years. This makes them an excellent choice of roofing material for those who are interested in building low maintenance properties. They are also chemically inert, so there is no danger of them reacting to any other materials that you are planning to use in the building of your new home or commercial property.

If you have any questions that are not answered above, please contact us so we can provide you with the information you need. We will also provide you with a comprehensive quotation if required. I-855-838-9393 or

Must-Ask Questions before Buying Fiber Insulated Roof Panels

Property developers who are planning to use such panels for a new or existing building should be sure that the materials they are buying are fit for purpose. If you are not familiar with insulated roof panels or you would like a quick refresher, below are some must-ask questions to make note of before contacting local suppliers. Whichever you deal with, they should be willing and able to answer all of these questions.

Questions to Ask Suppliers of Fiber Insulated Roof Panels

If you have any special requirements of your own, you should obviously add these to the questions below, so that you have all the information you need before you make a final decision.

  1. What Standard of Fire Resistance Do The Panels Provide? – Our panels feature fiber insulation that is capable of resisting temperatures up to 2,150°F, which is considerably higher than the temperatures recorded in ordinary domestic fires. This makes them ideal for buildings that must adhere to strict fire safety regulations.
  2. Are Your Panels Eco-Friendly? – If they are, like ours, made from natural stone and recycled materials, then the answer to this question will of course be yes. However, not all insulated panels are made to the same specifications so it is a good idea to check if this factor is particularly important to you.
  3. How Will They Cope with Wet Conditions? – The fiber insulated roof panels that we supply are water repellent by design and the materials used in their construction are resistant to mold, mildew, rot and bacteria, making them an exceptionally good choice in areas of the country where annual rainfall can be considerable.
  4. Will They Provide Noise Isolation – When used in conjunction with fiber insulated wall panels, our roof panels will provide an increased degree of noise insulation. This is important not just for applications where isolation from outside noise is desirable but also for those applications where noise from within needs to be contained, to avoid upsetting the neighbours.

You will find that good quality fiber insulated roof panels are more expensive than their EPS counterparts but the fire resistance, noise isolation and increased durability they offer makes them very good value for money. Contact us today for further information on our roof panels, or to request a quotation for the materials that you require. 1-855-838-9393 or

Mineral Fiber Insulated Wall Panels and Why They’re So Good at Resisting Fires

Strict safety regulations and a sense of self-preservation lead many homeowners and commercial property developers to seek out those building materials which will provide the greatest protection in the event of a fire. When it comes to the materials that you use for exterior walls, there are few better than fiber insulated panels, as you will read below. Before you consider using any other type of material, take a look at the reasons so many others insist on mineral fiber insulated panels when erecting new buildings, or renovating your existing structure.

What Makes Mineral Fiber Insulated Wall Panels First Choice for Fire Resistance?

There are a number of properties that fiber insulated panels possess, which make them very desirable for applications where fire resistance is paramount.

  1. Extremely High Melting Point – The mineral fiber used in insulated wall panels is made from natural stone and slag. This means that it has a very high melting point, of above 2,000°F. Given that the average house fire will burn at around 1,100°F, this makes such panels a very safe choice for any property.
  2. Good Thermal Insulation – The densely packed nature of mineral fiber insulation helps to form an effective barrier against heat from outside. In the event of a fire in a neighbouring property, this fact could give you vital extra minutes to evacuate your building safely, and protect assets contained within.
  3. Remain in Excellent ConditionMineral fiber insulated wall panels are manufactured using materials that are resistant to mold, fungus, mildew, bacteria and moisture. They will not deteriorate over time, which means that they will still provide excellent fire protection many years after they are first installed.
  4. Strength & Stability – Wall panels with mineral fiber insulation are designed to fit together seamlessly, forming an air and watertight seal. This makes them very strong and stable, assuming they are properly installed, which is an obvious bonus should a fire happen to start on your property. The longer that walls remain standing, the more chance there is for escape without injury, and asset protection.

Manufactured to exacting standards, our mineral fiber insulated wall panels are a superb choice for any property developers or homeowners who want to make sure that their buildings provide them with the highest amount of protection from fire. Contact us today for more information about our range of high quality insulated wall and roof panels. 1-855-838-9393 or