Mini Storage Building Materials: The Importance of Proper Installation

Mini Storage Building MaterialsThe way mini storage facilities are constructed has undergone major changes in the past decade or so. In the past the vast majority of mini storage facilities were cinder block cubes with overhead doors on them. Though these were cheap to build and reasonably secure they didn’t really provide much by way of insulation, which is so important in a place like Toronto. Today, however, insulated metal panels are here to reduce construction times, improve the environment within the storage facility and ultimately improve the profitability of the storage facility itself. It’s crucial however that this type of construction be carried out by experienced, qualified professionals.

The Revolution in Mini Storage Building Materials

Metal insulated panels like those from Eco Insulated Panels enable you to construct your facility quickly and make for a safe, comfortable, energy efficient space with a host of advantages over the old, cold cinder block units. Proper installation of these types of mini storage building materials is vital because improper installation could lead to a variety of problems including:

  • Loss of environmental control – A lot of companies have tried to jump on the insulated metal panel bandwagon but have precious little idea what they’re doing. As a result they sell you poorly designed panels and then do a poor job of installation. When this happens there’s a loss of control over the interior environment and one of your biggest selling points is nullified.
  • Loss of security – Inexperienced installers of insulated panels will often fail to match the component parts with any precision, leaving gaps in the walls that not only compromise environmental control but create a security risk that could be exploited by an enterprising criminal. In such cases the building owner (that would be you) will almost always be held accountable.
  • Wasted money – One of the main selling points of metal insulated panel construction is how quickly the facility can be built when the company knows what it’s doing. When a company is trying to learn on the fly with these mini storage building materials however, they typically make mistakes that wind up costing you money.
  • Wasted time – When mistakes are made with the installation of building materials it can delay the opening of your facility by a significant amount. And all the time you’re not open for business is time you’re not making money. The best way to avoid this type of snafu is to make sure you always enlist the services of Eco Insulated Panels to create your mini storage building.

When you’re trying to get your mini storage facility off the ground you need to be sure that it’s properly constructed and all components of the structure have been properly installed. This is particularly true when it comes to metal insulated panels. These state-of-the-art materials, when installed by the pros at Eco Insulated Panels, will help you create an attractive, energy efficient storage facility that is safe from both intruders and intrusive environmental conditions. Give us a ring to find out more.