Brief Guide to the Single Component System for Insulated Metal Panels

Insulated metal panels are a versatile option for any environment. From cold storage and food processing to exterior buildings and residences, these panels can provide years of durable efficiency. One of the key reasons for this is the efficiency of the single component system. What are some of the key factors involved in installing insulated metal panels?

Reduce Installation Time

When installing insulated metal panels, one of the primary benefits of the single component wall is that installation time is reduced considerably. Consider saving over half of the required time when comparing this factory-assembled single component system to multi-part systems. Building with insulated metal panels is an ideal option for retrofitting commercial and industrial buildings.  Installation is easy, meaning that cost and hassle associated with changing of schedule or error are greatly reduced. The panels are tested before installation. The guaranteed fast on-site installation brings peace of mind.

Better Insulation

The IMP (insulated metal panel) has a specialized insulated core material that is foamed between the metal. A special pre-coat is added. This ensures a system that will endure all types of weather conditions and maintain a consistent thermally controlled environment for years to come.

Additionally, the walls are airtight, meaning that food storage facilities and other commercial or industrial buildings that require sterility do not have to worry about contamination from outdoor pollutants, bacteria, and weather-related particulates. The airtight design and easily maintained walls reduce dangers of bacteria and mold. Environmentally friendly building owners are rest assured knowing that they have chosen a superior option. Enjoy a green cost-efficient, energy-efficient option.

Versatility, Durability, and Flexibility

Besides providing an airtight durable environment, the single component system has many design options. There are many options in terms of finishes and colors. Enjoy multiple application possibilities. Easily wash panel surfaces to ensure sterility and safety. Additionally, the panels typically last the lifetime of the building. The one-time installation will give you decades of safety, good insulation, and durability against time and the elements.

Experienced contractors will help you find the perfect option for your building. Contact a professional and discuss how you can find the perfect panel design for you.