5 Questions About Insulated Metal Panels You Are Too Afraid to Ask

Savvy homeowners and business owners know that it is important to understand every aspect of building construction, from basement to rooftop. There are many questions that individuals are not sure to ask their roofing contractors regarding insulated metal panels. Let’s cover some of the most frequently asked questions that everyone needs to know.

What is an IMP?

An IMP is an insulated metal panel. These are lightweight composite exterior panels for both the wall and the roof. They are created with an insulating foam core and metal skins and are installed by skilled roofing contractors. Homeowners find that they are very eco-friendly options and save significant money in regards to energy and installation.

Do IMPs provide Good Insulation?

Insulated Metal Panels provide excellent insulation for both commercial and residential buildings. This helps homeowners save money on heating and cooling, especially in climates with extreme temperatures. Additionally, facilities that handle food, chemicals, and products susceptible to mold and bacteria benefit from the natural humidity control and limit to airborne particles.

What types of Buildings use Insulated Metal Panels?

IMPs can be used for a great variety of buildings. Commercial buildings like offices, banks, warehouses, and educational facilities benefit from having metal panels. The lightweight construction, durability, and timely installation are all reasons that help business owners choose IMPs. Homeowners also benefit from the eco-friendly option.

Can You Use IMPs for Cold Storage?

Yes! IMPs are an excellent option for cold storage facilities. They provide a sterile environment and meet safe hygiene and contamination requirements due to unique design. Thicker insulated metal panels can provide custom thermal performance requirements.

Can I Use IMPs for My Roof?

Insulated metal panels provide a top-notch insulation solution. They have a long lifetime and quick installation with a relatively low cost. Maintenance is easy. Expect your metal roof to last half a century or more with proper maintenance.