Commercial Building Insulation with Insulated Metal Panels

Whether you’re currently renovating or building new and whether or not you’ve ever considered them before you owe it to yourself and the long term viability of your enterprise to consider using insulated metal panels from ECO–INSULATED Panel Manufacturing Inc. Our insulated metal panels provide significant advantages over other, more conventional building materials. Regardless of the size and scope of your business or facility, you’ll see significant savings both during construction and in the everyday operating cost once the building opens or reopens. No other versatile single building component for commercial buildings even comes close to providing the same short and long term savings as do insulated metal panels manufactured by ECO-INSULATED Panel Manufacturing Inc.

Why are our Insulated Metal Panels the Perfect Commercial Building Insulation Solution?

Insulated metal panels represent a significant cost benefit in construction and long term building insulation value. Everything from retail malls to research facilities will benefit from the ease of installation and incredible savings that result from these high performance, no maintenance panels. Still many building owners and facility managers do have questions about insulated metal panels. Here are the answers to the most common:

  1. Just what exactly are insulated metal panels? - Insulated metal panels from ECO–INSULATED Panel Manufacturing Inc. are composite panels that use a lightweight metal skin to shield a core of insulating foam. They’re incredibly easy to install therefore negate the need for the presence of multiple skilled trades that usually accompany other exterior wall construction assemblies. They manifest superior insulation ability and come in a wide variety of colours and finishes that make them applicable to any type of commercial building use and also meet the design needs of Architects.

  2. What types of companies use insulated metal panels? – Insulated metal panels are a viable single component system that has been used on many types of commercial construction projects:
    1. Manufacturing plants.
    2. Banks and other financial institutions.
    3. Warehouse facilities small or large.
    4. Educational institutions at every level.
    5. Healthcare clinics and related facilities.
    6. Government offices and facilities.
    7. Recreational facilities.
    8. Storage facilities and more.


All of these commercial customers have come to realize and appreciate the benefits of insulated metal panels from both a financial and environmental standpoint.

  1. Are these panels fire resistant? - Absolutely. Our insulated metal panels will stand up to temperatures in excess of 2,000° F. In addition, they exhibit extraordinary dimensional stability, won’t rot, resist mold and mildew and act as an effective noise barrier.

  2. What makes you say they’re environmentally responsible? - Our insulated metal panels provide constant thermal resistance and a level of performance for commercial building insulation far in excess of that provided by standard insulation methods like rolls or blown insulation. The dimensional stability of our panels results in no air leakage either in or out between the panels and the wall presents a single unified face to the elements. In short, they save our customers energy and MONEY!

Insulated metal panels from ECO–INSULATED Panel Manufacturing Inc. will save money on any construction or remodelling project and help transform offices, retail outlets, educational facilities, manufacturing facilities, storage facilities and others into an environmentally friendly, cost effective platform for conducting business.

If you’re interested in saving money on your next commercial building insulation project and would like to know more about how insulated metal panels by ECO–INSULATED Panel Manufacturing Inc. call our team at 855-838-9393.

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