Industrial Building Insulation with Insulated Metal Panels

Insulated metal panels from ECO-INSULATED Panel Manufacturing Inc. represent a revolutionary way of thinking about industrial construction that combines the efficiency of modular construction with the flexibility of standard building techniques. Insulated metal panels provide a superior level of performance for industrial building insulation unequalled in the construction industry. This versatile single component building material allows you to save money during construction or remodelling, then Owners save money on maintenance and repairs and they also save money on energy day in and day out. In this post we take a closer look at the advantages of constructing industrial buildings with insulated metal panels.

The Smart Choice for Industrial Building Insulation

Prefabricated metal insulated panels provide every type of facility with the industrial building insulation properties and attendant energy savings necessary to remain competitive in the global marketplace. At a time when the competition is as likely to come from halfway around the world as it is from the company across town keeping overhead costs low is essential and drops immediately to the bottom line. Insulated metal panels will help you achieve that important goal of reducing operating costs. Insulated metal panels from ECO-INSULATED Panel Manufacturing Inc. provide these important benefits:

  1. Single piece composite construction: These one piece panels come ready to install for rapid completion of your construction or remodeling project. No more hordes of different skilled tradespeople swarming over the site waiting for their chance to work on the wall. Simply raise, lock in place and move on. When you are finished installing our insulated metal panels you have a single unified and fully insulated wall between you and the elements.

  2. Lightweight strength and durability: Each panel weighs only a few pounds per square foot yet when fully locked together provide enough tensile strength to minimize the need for the type of robust framing support you will require in any typical complex wall construction. This versatile single component will allow you to save time on your construction project. You save money.

  3. Maximum insulation value: When you construct both the walls and roof of your facility using insulated metal panels you create a building envelope of insulation that typically exceeds anything you would be able to achieve using standard building techniques. You will save on energy costs year after year. An added benefit, our panels are engineered to withstand temperatures well in excess of 2,000° F so you do not have to worry about them buckling should you have a fire emergency.

  4. Discrete attachment mechanisms: Insulated metal panels attach to one another through an ultra-discrete locking system that is aesthetically pleasing to the naked eye. Your industrial facility will have the look of a purposeful design and with a clean no-nonsense 21st century air about it. The impermeable face created using insulated metal panels will also stand up to the worst mother nature can throw at it and still keep everyone inside nice and warm. Saving energy and saving money is insulated metal panels by ECO-INSULATED Panel Manufacturing Inc.

Industrial building insulation has never been simpler or more efficient than it is with metal insulated panels from ECO-INSULATED Panel Manufacturing Inc. Your new or remodelled facility will have the strength of steel and the warmth of a super insulated structure. You will save time and money on installation too and maintenance will be a snap. Call our team today at 855-838-9393 for more information on this state-of-the-art building material and set your business on a course to a more energy efficient and profitable future.

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