How Insulated Metal Roof Panels Measure Up to Alternative Roofing Materials

Given that there are a number of options when it comes to roofing materials for commercial and residential buildings, you might be wondering how today’s modern insulated roof panels measure up to the most popular alternatives. We don’t have the space to publish an exhaustive treatise on the matter, but hope that the facts contained in this short guide will be of some use to those who are currently weighing up the options for a new building.

Insulated Metal Roof Panels in Canada vs. the Alternatives

There are a number of alternatives from which to choose when constructing a new residence or industrial building but we will confine ourselves to those most commonly used, for the sake of brevity.

  • Asphalt Shingles – A popular choice for both residential and commercial properties, asphalt shingles are undoubtedly cheaper than any type of quality metal roofing panels that you can purchase in Canada at the moment, with or without integral insulation. However, the initial cost savings come at a price. Compared to insulated metal roof panels in Canada, asphalt shingles are less attractive, less durable, and less efficient as far as thermal insulation is concerned.
  • Concrete – While concrete can prove to be a cost effective alternative in certain types of buildings, and offers quite good thermal insulation, it is some 20 times heavier than metal panels. Because of this, much more money has to be spent on reinforcing the rest of the building when choosing a concrete roof. If you are looking for durable, thermally efficient and economical roofing materials, insulated metal panels are a much better option.
  • Uninsulated Metal Panels – Standard metal roofing panels are popular, owing to their durability, lightweight design and ease of installation. However, they offer little in the way of thermal insulation, as you can imagine, so for those individuals and organisations who wish to use energy efficient building materials, insulated metal roof panels in Canada are a far superior choice.

Installing insulated metal panels is a possibility that is well worth considering, not just for the energy efficiency and durability factors mentioned above, but also because they are easy to install and when mineral fiber is the insulation material of choice, they form an excellent, fire resistant barrier. Wherever you are located in Canada, feel free to call Eco Insulated Panel Manufacturing Inc. for more information about our product range. Call 1-855-838-9393 or e-mail

5 Big Advantages of Installing Insulated Metal Panels for Roofs in Canada

There are many different types of commercial roofing systems available in Canada but insulated metal panels are hard to beat, for a variety of reasons. Whether you are thinking of replacing a roof on an existing building or you are about to specify the roofing materials for a new building that you are in the process of designing, you should definitely consider insulated panels. Below, we have listed a few of the factors that persuade businesses across the country to use these metal roofing panels on warehouses, factories, offices and other commercial buildings, in preference to popular alternatives.

5 Reasons to Install Insulated Metal Panels for Roofs in Canada

Among the many reasons you may have to choose these panels, those listed below are sure to figure prominently:

  1. Energy Efficiency – The airtight seal formed by the interlocking joints of individual panels, together with the integral mineral fiber or EPS insulation, combine to make buildings more energy efficient. The effects of outside temperatures are lessened, making it easier to control the temperature in your commercial buildings whatever the weather may be like.
  2. Faster Installation – Because the insulation and the metal panels are a single component, they are much easier to install than systems consisting of separate insulating materials and panels. Companies that decide to specify high quality insulated metal panels for roofs in Canada can expect to save as much as 50% in installation time when compared to alternative insulated roofing systems.
  3. Wide Choice of Finishes – With a wide range of colours and finishes, makes it easy to find panels that will complement your commercial building perfectly. With a choice of profiles and trims, you can create a roof that is not only energy efficient and quick to install but visually appealing too.
  4. Economical – Wherever you are in Canada, insulated roof panels will be cheaper to transport and install than conventional roofing materials and insulation.
  5. Eco-Friendly – The panels that we manufacture are 100% recyclable and 30% of the steel from which they are made has already been recycled. This makes them a great choice for companies that wish to boost their environmental credentials.

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